I am fairly certain that when you ask if you can have two routers on one modem, you don’t really mean a main router và then a secondary device that will work as an access point (daisy-chaining – we will explore this option as well), but multiple mạng internet connections coming from a single cable modem with only one cable from the ISP. For this lớn be a realistic scenario, you may need khổng lồ take into account the option of using multiple static IP address. The networking world holds many wonders, so let’s explore some of these possibilities & see if it’s something that can be done.

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1. Multiple static IPs to lớn connect two routers to one modem

This is perhaps the only way lớn actually be able lớn connect more than one router directly to lớn a single modem & have them broadcast a completely different network. And it’s a surprisingly common practice with multiple businesses sharing a single space, even if it’s most likely going to lớn be at the expense of the available bandwidth. But, depending on the type of work, it may not matter that much và you’d be surprised by how much you can actually achieve with a reliable 1Gbps connection, even if it’s split between multiple routers. & in our case, we are talking about two separate IPs, so the bandwidth should, technically, be plenty.

Draytek Dual-WAN router

To achieve a smooth transition between the connections, a dual-WAN router is required (or multi-WAN) which supports links aggregation, links fail-over and load balancing. I have explored a few options over the years that you can kiểm tra here, but there are a few consumer-grade routers that support a more basic implementation as well. See the hãng asus RT-AC86U or the newer RT-AX86U, as well as the Synology RT2600ac.

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Without getting into too many details, the idea is lớn have two cables from two separate internet connections (two modems) that are connected khổng lồ the router and you do have lots of options available from here on. You can aggregate the two link and have a far higher bandwidth available or, in our case, simply use one internet connection all the time and have the other one ready to take its place. The better routers will make that transition happen without even noticing the first liên kết failed. & what’s interesting is that these routers will actively kiểm tra when the primary link returns & then switches back lớn it when it’s back online. That’s why the business owners should get a main mạng internet connection as close lớn one 1Gpbs as possible (or beyond), while the secondary can be a more basic maintenance-suitable connection, to reduce the costs.

Then again, if what you bởi vì is not tied that closely to lớn a continuous internet connection, you can simply keep a single internet connection with a single modem và just hook up two routers to lớn it, as we did in the first option we explored. It’s cheap & it works, but not reliable if you can’t afford any downtime.

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