Future is here, have you heard of Airpods? A new sản phẩm for all the music lovers which is not only trending but sweeping the whole digital market. It’s a new gadget for people who love music at the high base and high pitch. Airpod is a gadget which is a wireless earphone and gives us a whole new experience of unique music và voice clarity. Now Aipods gene 2 is launched & there come many different variations in the market. Oh forgot khổng lồ mention, Airpods Pro is being launched this November 2019. And after 1 year, we have fake airpods pro made up by factories in trung quốc which resembles the real one by 99%. In just less than 1 year, noise cancellation feature of airpod pro dupes emerge.

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So read on to lớn find out about the latest Airpod Pro Clone and Airpod 3 fakes.

Let us review some of the latest kém chất lượng airpods you can grab in the market!

REVIEW of BEST kém chất lượng AIRPOD PROs on Aliexpress 2021Where to Buy latest nhái Airpods Pro 2021Best nhái AirPods 2#2 – 1:1 Airpods Super Copy $42 (Best fake Airpods 2020)Are fake Airpods any Good?Top Alternatives to apple Airpods & Airpods ProOriginal mi Airdots $18-39Buying Airpods Replicas on AmazonFAKE AIRPODS from AMAZON và WISH

REVIEW of BEST kém chất lượng AIRPOD PROs on Aliexpress 2021

TWS series of earbuds has evolved every week! Yes every week! The model seems khổng lồ be improved just one feature by one feature weekly. I think even we are really confused by the sheer amount of products that are been produced.

However here is a store that sells the variety which I think it is worthwhile to kiểm tra it out.

Reviews for Superpods Pro v6.5

Product almost the same as the original even in functionality. Thank the seller for the gift. Product almost equal to the original, even in terms of functionality. Thanks to lớn the seller for the presentTook just 10 days lớn arrived và couldn’t be happier. The sound quality is great, no drop out on connectivity, và noise cancellation works wellFast và neat shipping, sound chất lượng identical to lớn AirP… a bluffing bass Line effect! The ANC duel is very real and we feel the difference with the chip 1562T! I just presented these Superpods in a YouTube clip by comparing it with the real AirPods and frankly except the packaging & the manual, everything is identical! I highly recommend them!The chất lượng is so good, there are 3 kích cỡ of earplugs, it is the most comfortable earbuds, & the ANC is strong! I lượt thích it so much! 

Airpods 3 has evolved into the newest nhái in the market. Táo bị cắn dở has not even announced it yet! check out the below store.


Source: Stupid hãng apple rumors

Reviews for Air 60/80

This model is to lớn replicate the Airpods 3 which seems to lớn be coming real soon from Apple. This dup guys in đài loan trung quốc is hitting it big by copying what is not in the market.



Air60 TWS : Airoha 1562F Chip, 10D Super Bass, 4H battery Earbuds

Air80 TWS : Airoha 1562T Chip, 12D Super Bass, 6H battery Earbuds

Air80 Pro TWS : BES2300YP, 12D Super Bass, 6H battery Earbuds

Fake Airpod vs Real Airpod

And it’s not far when every other di động brand companies will follow the trend and launch their own products. As for now, táo has launched a new sản phẩm called AIRPODs as a wireless earphone. But the rate of this air pod is very high approximately half of the rate of new iPhone causing heavy load on the pocket for normal working class people. So Aliexpress provides you cheap and affordable fake air pods from China.

AUTHENTIC táo bị cắn dở AIRPODS 2 cost US$199 retail for the wireless charging & US$159 for the non wireless charging.

There is this store on Aliexpress selling the ORIGINAL products. Price are slight more expensive than hãng apple US Stores due to không lấy phí shipping provided by this seller.

Visit the store


Where lớn Buy latest giả Airpods Pro 2021

#1 – (High end Airpod Pro replica ANC) $60 range with noise cancellation

This november, Airpod pro rep has active noise cancellation. The latest chipset is hotline 1562H.




Price is on the high side as compared with other REPS due to lớn

Chipset ( I need to găng this again & again – poor chipset does not have good connectivity)In Ear Detection – Separate use Left earphone và Right earphone, without any disconnect or sound cut from headsetsAvailability of Ear mould – Only high over replicas provide the 3 different sizes for the silicon ear mouldApple logo sản phẩm (most Aliexpress sellers are not shipping the ones with logo due khổng lồ infringement)

This is Airpod Pro Supercopy version with 1562G airoha chipset. Seller cannot put up the correct images.

So you can drop them a text for more info và pictures.

This indeed is the Airpods Pro Clone – the latest clone model. Yes we know this is expensive but this seller uses the latest cpu to make this a SUPERCOPY!

Check store out!


Video courtesy of = they allow us lớn repurpose here.

More features of 1:1 Airpod Pro Replica as below.

Newest Airoha 1562G cpu (Better than 1562A & 1562F) 

1.100% 42DB Hybrid ANC really work (IOS & Android) 

2.Separate use Left earphone và Right earphone, without any disconnect or sound cut from headsets

3.In-ear Smart Sensor

4. Tư vấn wireless charging

5.3 Real Battery Window

6. Cảm ứng Control 

7. Enhanced bass/audio quality

8. Super bass

9. Auto power on

10. Tự động power off

11. Binaural calls

12. Previous song, Next song

13. Music time 4.5-5 hours

14. 1:1 size of AP 3 generation


16. Real Original sound chất lượng no cut off music

Price: $58.11

Check store out!

(Mid kết thúc Airpods Pro Clone) $40> USD range


There are many TWS names to this.

MOST Mid end does not come with IN EAR DETECTION. This is an important feature.

công nghệ bluetooth không dây connection reaction time is 0.5 seconds, & the battery life is increased from the original 4 hours khổng lồ five hours.super copy Air 3.

There are many variations. How many zeros are there? Lol.

The call chất lượng being drastically improved over the previous models which is a welcome addition we’ve got improved touch controls.

They have got improved tự động hóa pairing & charging and this can confirm that taking these out of the box và put them back in the box while they still register on Bluetooth.

It is made of 1562 A

Check store out!


100% Active Noise cancellation really work as original (IOS và Android)

Transparency mode as original (IOS & Android)

Airoha 1562A ChipNewest 1:1 in-ear

Light sensor & Pressure sensor 

Original sound chất lượng no cut off music

With real serial number in setting page​

1:1 Original case metal mesh with text

Original hình ảnh sản phẩm display

POP-UP Real Battery show no changing

Seal led not a holeLong

Music time 6-8hours (20h with charging box)

Audio Sharing

Ignore thing is Siri is breaking at times.



Price: $46.94

Check store out!

LOW over FAKE AIRPODS PRO (USD $20> range)

Price range of this is $15-$22. I would not recommend this kind of earbud as it is really terrible. We bought this off as the first version of airpod pro replica when it just launched in Dec 2019. Now this is being sold off as a cheap low kết thúc airpods pro.

There is no RENAME function. Connectivity is poor. Will not last 3 months or more. (we have tested this so we know)

It remains cheap as sellers wants to offload these kém chất lượng pro asap.


Sport no cut off music

Reverse magnetic Lid​1:1

Original case metal mesh​

Real battery display no changing 

Change your earbuds name

GPS find your earbuds

*NEW* Pop up animation connect (Open the lid, no need to take out the Earbuds)

In-ear Smart SensorMusic time 3.5-4hours

QI Wireless Charging 

Pop up 3 Real Battery show !Separate use Left earphone and Right earphone

HD MIC better than i200 i5000 i50000 i9000 TWS

We vày not recommend this product.

Best nhái AirPods 2

Below are some good finds on where lớn buy replicas at a huge fraction of the retail prices.


We nhận xét Top 5 Best Chinese Airpod Clones from Aliexpress


#2 – 1:1 Airpods Super Copy $42 (Best fake Airpods 2020)


Newest 1:1 Wireless Airpods, exact same form size Airpods , tư vấn touch key, with charging lights show.

Excellent sound quality, Siri call, automatic boot, automatic pairing, 8pin charging port.

This store we are recommending sells 2 variations. One is hotline the Airpod pro supercopy (gen 3). The other is this supercopy version for Airpod 2 with wireless charging (gen2)

One is the gen 1 Airpods Supercopy 1:1. No animation pop up & no wireless charging. This is named as W1 Chip.

One is gene 2 Airpods Supercopy 1:1 with animation pop up và wireless charging. This is called H1 Chip.

Gen 2 cost US$42. The lowest price in all places we can find. Do contact the seller to lớn ask him lớn point to lớn the right direction for you. They can have the logos done up for you.

Even if the W1 Chip vì not come with wireless charging, we still love the overall features. Older models with lesser specs & features usually last longer.

Kindly take note chip sets are important when comes lớn buying supercopy airpods 2.

Ask the seller is it make of the 1536 chipset! Old version is made from the 1st gene 1524 chipset và these models are cheaper. 30% cheaper ill say.


H1 Wireless charging, GPS và Name change: $23.69

Limited time offer as sellers ship via fast courier. Do check it out with the seller below.

Logos included. Serial Number included.

Check store out!

#3 – i90000 TWS High Tech

Well, no qualms this is the best of the best this November 2019. The chip made from i90000 TWS is so superb that it matches all the features of REAL AIRPODS 2.

In fact it seems lớn be even better!

Features of i90000 TWS

In-ear detector sensorSmart cảm ứng controlQI high unique Wireless charging caseLeft and right earbud use alone3 Real battery displayHD Stereo audio with super bass

Audio chất lượng is exactly the same the authentic Airpod 2!

Hours lasted is about the same with about 4 hours of play.

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Most important is price!


Best part is they showed the battery percentage of each earbud. As seen in the picture below.


One of the best so far.

It comes with W1 cpu with 5 seconds of pop up speed. Supercopy we reviewed earlier has less than a second pop up speed though.

Check the price HERE.


Best part is the pricing. Now going at less than US30! Also take lưu ý i200 TWS models selling less than $20 on Aliexpress. These chips are not the best chip. So vị ask sellers about the chip made. Best chip so far is 1536.

#4 – i500 TWS Airpod Clone $16.80

We have i20, then i30 then i60…i500 tws. Now all these models have phrased out!


Launched by this store that ships from US. US buyers rejoice! We have yet lớn receive this và I cant give a complete đánh giá but from the images from the seller. This seems lượt thích a clone of the ren 2 táo bị cắn dở Airpods. Probably they did not put up the logo và thus they do not điện thoại tư vấn it gene 2 supercopy 1:1. Instead they give a name i80 TWS. Price of $41 vs $62 of supercopy. This is a steal!

I enjoy flipping with the sản phẩm is exactly identical to the originals, it liên kết to the iPhone as it is. The sensor works properly and pauses when you take them off, but khổng lồ pass tuy nhiên with touch only Siri is activated. After that I have been comfortable with the sản phẩm has taken about 2 weeks lớn arrive.

Best part is this comes with all features that include wireless charging box. What we love about the seller (link below) is he provide case as cheap as $1 usd.


As for other features, we have not tested. Here are some images and the link.


There is no more stock of this left….

i12 TWS used khổng lồ be such a gem. I remembered I purchased this in Jan 2019 at about $30+. Now it cost just $15+ and with a upgraded version on its cảm biến control. It just a matter of 4 months & this entire giả airpod market has shifted so rapidly.

Now this i12 has improved its connectivity. I12S it was called. Available in 3 colors. Red, Black, White.


Here are some images of this i12 tws. (My first airpod clone of 2019, now i owns 7 different variations and counting still.)


Anyway, here is the links to the good store.

About TWS Models – The Best kém chất lượng Airpods?

These TWS models are all pretty good don’t get me wrong they all have their benefits. They all have their dime size as well so hopefully now with this new redesigned mã sản phẩm some of those issues have been resolved while some of them I’m glad lớn tell you have been now some of the issues we’ve had previously.

Most were irregular dropouts unable to lớn pair the device different kích cỡ dropping out poor charging all that kind of stuff but now these models have improved và the latest is the i100000 TWS. OPPS now there is this i200000 TWS!

From what we know, táo is very persistent khổng lồ get rid of all these listings & therefore sellers are starting to delist a lot of such items.

Are fake Airpods any Good?

Since Jan 2019, TWS has been evolving. The latest i1000 TWS has 95% exact features as the real one. Costing just 01/05 of the real airpod price. Specifications are getting better with each launch of new model. At times, we were slow in updating our article about the vị trí cao nhất models. Average price of a good TWS mã sản phẩm cost about $30 USD while the not so great one retail about $15 USD.

You have khổng lồ ask sellers what are the features of the airpods. At times, sellers vì chưng not know even what they are selling!

From what we understand, there are currently many chipsets in the market.

Our best experience is still with the 1:1 Supercopy. It is expensive. Version cost $40-70 usd.

3 giả airpods – mainly:

Fake Airpods Pro with ANC

Fake Airpods Pro without ANC

Fake Airpods 3

How can you tell giả Airpods?

Supercopy Airpods now are exact 1:1, meaning eveything looks và feel the same. To make the difference of real và fake, serial number by the box will tell the difference between real & fake airpods. Fake airpods serial codes are fake, meaning you wont be able to kiểm tra the model out on táo apple site.

More details can be found at


For a more detailed way to kiểm tra the serial number, follow this guide HERE by Apple.

Do giả airpods have nhái serial numbers?

Oh yes they have but the numbers are giả too. Look at image below. Giả serial number pasted on theside of the box. But you wont be able to check the number/barcode on the apple site for sure. This is foraesthetic purpose.

Top Alternatives to táo bị cắn dở Airpods and Airpods Pro

Whether you’re talking to lớn someone on the phone, listening lớn your favorite music, or watching movies & videos, it cannot be denied that earbuds have become an essential part of our modern life. Over the years, this kind of innovative sản phẩm has matured.

Like any other thắng lợi on the market, there is always something new to lớn look forward khổng lồ in terms of design & function. & with the inception of Airpods Pro, many companies are now on the run lớn offer a more fantastic earbud that can equal or even surpass the unique of this hãng apple product. 

Where to Buy Chinese Wireless Earbuds Similar to Airpods Pro?

But, before choosing what to lớn buy next, you might as well know the vị trí cao nhất features of Airpods Pro khổng lồ see why it is one of the most in-demand earbuds on the market today.

Best Alternative khổng lồ Airpods Pro?Best Price khổng lồ Get (USD)
Xiaomi Redmi Airdots $39.99
Oppo Enco Free2 Wireless Headset$90.39
Bluedio TWS Wireless bluetooth không dây Earphone$29.45
Lenovo LP1S TWS Earphone Sports Headset$15.16
SONY WF-1000XM3 Wireless Earphone$199.98 sản phẩm – KZ ZSN Pro Metal Earphones 1BA+1DD Hybrid giải pháp công nghệ HIFI Bass Earbuds In Ear Monitor Headphones sport Noise Cancelling Headset

QCY V5.0 3 chiều Sound Stereo Earbud $21 sản phẩm – QCY QS1 T1C Mini Dual V5.0 Wireless Earphones công nghệ bluetooth không dây Earphones 3 chiều Stereo Sound Earbuds with Dual Microphone và Charging box

Original xiaomi mi Airdots $18-39 product – Original xiaomi mi Redmi Airdots TWS công nghệ bluetooth Earphone Stereo Bass công nghệ bluetooth 5.0 Headphones With Mic Handsfree Earbuds AI Control product – 100% Original mi AirDots bluetooth Earphone Youth Version Stereo ngươi Mini Wireless bluetooth 5.0 Headset With Mic Earbuds hàng hóa – New HUAWEI honor FlyPods FlyPods Pro FlyPods Lite công nghệ bluetooth không dây Wireless Earphone with Mic Music cảm ứng Waterproof Dynamic Headset

Buying Airpods Replicas on Amazon

LATEST – NO MORE AIRPODS kém chất lượng ON AMAZON! – A lot of sellers have been banned!

As our công nghệ is continuously booming, surely, in times khổng lồ come, new gadgets will be there in the market. And if you are looking for a quality product at a reasonable price Aliexpress gives that surety that the product provided by them are same as that of táo khuyết Airpods. Moreover, táo apple is misusing its tên thương hiệu and making a huge profit.

Aliexpress provides a different option on their air pods like one is a replica of original and other one is the original.

Aliexpress provides original air pods at 50$ and replica of original at10-20$. So, isn’t it under your budget? Aliexpress can provide original products at such a cheap rate.

So experience the sound of original air pods at very less & affordable rate, & before buying air pods, you must kiểm tra the rating and review which will give you a clear idea about the quality, be it at Amazon or Aliexpress.


Cheap Airpods Clone Buy

Apple manufactures most of his gadgets in china because the manufacturing of electronic gadgets is very cheap. As above, you cant find these nhái airpods sellers anymore on Amazon. But there is a chance to lớn find some sellers on WISH. Price will be on the high side as compared to lớn buying from Aliexpress.

So we vì chưng not recommend these airpods from Amazon or WISH.

Is there a better & cheaper alternative khổng lồ Airpods Pro?

Airpods Pro is undoubtedly one of the best earbuds ever to lớn grace the market. The terrific sound quality, battery life, comfortable fit, và unrivaled resistance khổng lồ weather are just some of this product’s best features. But, what would you expect when there’s a $200 price tag on it? It can be quite an expensive investment for a gadget accessory, right? So, we’ve rounded up some lesser-known counterparts that can give you the same feel và features but in a more pocket-friendly manner! 

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REVIEW of BEST fake AIRPOD PROs on Aliexpress 2021Where lớn Buy latest kém chất lượng Airpods Pro 2021Best kém chất lượng AirPods 2#2 – 1:1 Airpods Super Copy $42 (Best kém chất lượng Airpods 2020)Are kém chất lượng Airpods any Good?Top Alternatives to apple Airpods and Airpods ProOriginal xiaomi mi Airdots $18-39Buying Airpods Replicas on AmazonFAKE AIRPODS from AMAZON and WISH
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