Mxq pro 4k

The world is moving fast, and this is the age of Kodi. No one likes khổng lồ wait for their favorite TV shows to air when they can simply turn their TVs inlớn smart televisions with the help of Android streaming TV boxes. Collecting DVDs is old fashioned when movies can just be streamed. One such device that can make your life easier is the MXQ Pro 4K.

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Perfect for KodiHigh-performance Quad Chip Core CPU và Penta Core GPU4K supportIncredibly low pricedEasy khổng lồ mix up


Boring designOk RemoteOnly 1 GB RAMNo Bluetooth không dây support

The MXQ Pro 4K is a TV box that streams content like a pro. Loaded with amazing features & running on Android 5.1 Lollipop with a quad-core processor, this TV box is incredible. The best part is that compared to lớn its contemporaries, it comes at a low price. Hence, you can run all the programs you lượt thích & ditch your cable connection at an affordable price with the MXQ box.


The MXQ Pro 4K comes in a black box with golden letters on it. Tucked inside it are the TV box and accompanying accessories, which are all wrapped in thermopile. The MXQ box itself is blachồng in color with the name of the device written on top in White. It’s made of plastic, but this plastic is not the sort that breaks with one fall. Rather, it is made of unique material, so it can withstand some wear và tear.

The box is square in shape và is not exactly sleek or stylish; instead, it’s a bit boring. The blaông xã is not glossy but dull. It also has some ports on the bachồng with an antenmãng cầu. When it is in the package, the hàng hóa weighs a lot, but when you take out the MXQ TV box, you’d be surprised khổng lồ notice that it is lightweight.

It comes with a sturdy AC power adapter that can be used for other gadgets as well. The remote that comes along is nothing special but gets the jobdone. It is wide with some rows of color-coded buttons, a D-pad, and a number pad. 1 RCA cable, HDXiaoMi MI cable, and user guide also come along with it.

You can notice that the English written on the packaging of the MXQ box và inside the manual is choppy. However, that isn’t a huge concern. The manual has extensive sầu chapters on all the important matters và explains them quite well.

MXQ Pro 4k Hardware


The MXQ box features a very capable 2 GHz Quad Chip Core processor. This, combined with the Penta Chip Core Mali-450 GPU, gives it plenty of power for most tasks you throw at it. You will find beefier specs on other units. But, certainly not at this price.

The CPU and GPU are fast enough to play up to 4K video clip. Also, you won’t have any issues running the majority of games on this set-top box.However, the MXQ does not support Bluetooth. Therefore, ensure that you buy a gamepad with a dongle to lớn connect it to lớn this box.

What lets the MXQ Pro down at times is the 1GB of RAM. Many streaming boxes today ship with 2 GB to ensure smooth gaming and multitasking. We haven’t run inkhổng lồ any apparent slow-downs in our tests. But bởi vì keep in mind that you are not getting the lathử nghiệm and greatest specs with this box.



This MXQ Pro 4K offers just about enough space for a streaming device. It has 8GB Flash memory, which means you won’t have khổng lồ worry about running out of storage space when using the MXQ primarily for streaming. You can download as many apps as you lượt thích. But, if you are looking to lớn store movies locally, you will run out of space quickly. Since this TV box has a USB port, though, you can store files on an external drive sầu. Hence, with both internal and external storage, you are set for endless hours of entertainment.

Additionally, the MXQ Pro 4K also has an external card reader. You can add an SD thẻ of up to lớn 32GB if you still need more storage space.



The MXQ box supports both Wi-Fi & Ethernet. The Wifi and Ethernet speeds are sufficient for any type of streaming.

This device doesn’t tư vấn Công nghệ Bluetooth, which is one of its drawbacks. As long as one wants a streaming device, it’s an excellent buy, but if you are on the lookout for something that can tư vấn heavy gaming, then this product might not be the right choice.

MXQ Pro 4k – Software

Operating system

The software of this device is not noteworthy, but it isn’t, by any means, bad. The operating system installed is Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

You can download all your favorite Android apps without any problems. Therefore, the MXQ Pro 4K gives you access to all the popular streaming apps from Netflix to lớn YouTube. Also, some add-ons are pre-installed along with Kodi. Kodi is an important feature as almost everyone uses it for streaming these days.

However, if you want khổng lồ get rid of any unnecessary add-ons, you can always opt for resetting the device. Also, you can nâng cấp lớn the 6.0 Marshmallow version of Android if you are the kind of person who likes lớn runthe lademo Operating System version.


A lot of people have sầu found the user interface boring. The trang chính screen comes with huge icons assembled in a way that isn’t eye-catchy. However, if you want, you can always install another launcher that suits your preferences. Furthermore, the device is easy lớn set up & that’s a merit that cannot be ignored.

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MXQ Pro 4k – Performance


This device doesn’t make you wait with consistently slow streaming. There’s no buffering even when streaming content at high resolution. The device is perfectly responsive & doesn’t hang. Even when entertainment is streamed for hours at over, it doesn’t overheat, freeze, or stop functioning altogether.

Runs Kodi smoothly

If you are somebody who loves TV boxes for the sake of Kodi, then you are in for a treat with this box. For those who want a TV box specifically for the purpose of streaming content, this one is a perfect choice. The MXQ Pro 4K runs Kodi smoothly. In fact, Kodi comes preinstalled on the device and is fully optimized. You can fully rely on this box if you want khổng lồ watch movies & TV shows & can kiss your cable subscription goodbye. The MXQ box runs Kodi lượt thích a pro, so if you want a box specifically for this purpose, it is perfect.

Picture quality

The image unique that this TV box offers is high kết thúc. It supports all sorts of resolutions. 4K and HD videos pose no challenge lớn it. Crystal clear and smooth picture unique is what makes the MXQ Pro 4K stand out. Additionally, it doesn’t waste time buffering. It offers great unique at a great price. And this makes the MXQ Pro 4k such a popular Android TV box.

Audio and video

This TV box supports all the popular types of audio & video formats. It supports almost all the common audio formats available from MP2 khổng lồ MP3 & MP4. Also, you get TrueHD & DTS support lớn put your surround sound system to lớn the test.

Regardless of what đoạn Clip format you throw at it, the MXQ will handle it lượt thích a pro. Also, as the device has an HDXiaoMI port, it can stream with a clear và crisp picture unique khổng lồ your TV.


Although you can tải về as many Android applications as you like, this TV box is more for streaming nội dung than for gaming. There’s no Bluetooth không dây availability, which makes gaming a dull experience. As the remote is also cheap, it adds to lớn why gaming isn’t as impressive on this device. However, there are quite many games available on it & you can always attach a keyboard or mouse pad with the USB Type-A port that it has.

What other customers are saying

Users are very satisfied with their MXQ box as it provides several premium qualities at a substantially low price. For those who are buying it solely for running Kodi, MXQ Pro 4K has proven khổng lồ be an excellent device. It streams content without pausing for buffering or freezing after long hours of use. And all of this with a fantastic picture unique & a clarity worth praising.

A huge majority of reviewers have only praises to lớn sing for this hàng hóa as it has a quad-core processor that gives plenty of speed & ample storage space with its 8 GB NAND flash memory and external card reader. Even though it doesn’t tư vấn Bluetooth, most users can overlook this, given the low price.

The remote that comes along with the Android box isn’t of the best unique, but a keyboard or mouse can be connected khổng lồ the TV box lớn act as the remote. Alternatively, you can also use one of the many third-buổi tiệc ngọt Kodi remotes.



One thing that many customers complain about is the default interface. It doesn’t look stylish or appealing at all. Rather, it looks dull and uninteresting with huge icons filling up the trang chính screen. However, one can easily tải về any other Android launcher lớn take the place of the default one.

Overall, the vast majority of users of this hàng hóa highly recommend it as it has great features và comes at a price that isn’t heavy on the pocket. The price is perhaps what makes this product stand out amongst the crowd. At a time when every other such gadget is expensive, the MXQ Pro 4K makes it easy khổng lồ get started streaming with Kodi. One would assume that such a low price equals poor quality, but that isn’t the case with this MXQ box. The minor flaws seem negligible in the face of a hefty amount of exemplary qualities.


Overall, there are far more positive sầu Review for this TV box than there are negative ones. The features this box offers are noteworthy, even if its kiến thiết & interface are blvà. If you find the remote not to your liking, you can purchase a wireless keyboard or remote lớn use with it. The MXQ box has adequate storage space, functions at a great tốc độ, offers clarity, and runs Kodi flawlessly. It does its job well, and some of its features are even better than the ones that expensive sầu TV boxes provide.

For all those who are fans of movies & TV shows & are looking for a television box that comes at a reasonable price, the MXQ Pro 4K is the right choice. The device is of high unique and available at a low price. This is what makes it so impressive. The few flaws it does have can be easily ignored due khổng lồ its price tag. That is why this TV box is worth a buy.

However, if you are looking for a more premium device, that looks the part and provides the lakiểm tra and greachạy thử hardware on the market, then the Goobang Doo XB-III or Minix Neo U9H would be excellent choices. Both cost more but offer great hardware & software features not found in the MXQ Pro.

If live sầu television is the main reason for buying an Android TV box, the best choices are the Rveal 2 or the Skystream Three. They are, however, significantly more expensive. But you vày get anout-of-the-boxcord cutting solution.

Lastly, you can also opt for a dedicated IPTV streaming set-top box, lượt thích a Formuler Z8or BuzzTV XPL 3000. These are TV boxes running recent Android OS versions that have sầu native Stalker middleware support (allowing you to lớn stream from IPTV services).