Tan dai Hung is one of the leading manufacturers of PP (polypropylene) woven bags for packaging rice, fertilizer, animal food, & other agricultural products in Vietnam. Mainstream products include PP woven shopping bags laminated with printed OPP film, inside or outside laminated PP woven bags, PP woven bags inserted with PE liner, PP woven bags printed on two sides with 9 colors (5 colors per one side plus 4 colors on other side of bag), Leno bags, Geotextiles , Sewn Aquadam outside, etc.Established in 1984, Tan dai Hung started out with a few workers, Vietnam-made machines and produced PP bags to lớn meet low-level needs of the local market.In 1990’s, when Vietnam became one of the leading countries of rice export, Tan dẻo Hung caught this chance by investing more modern and new equipments in order to lớn meet the increasing need of high quality bags for packaging rice for export, completely replacing ...

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Shopping bag

PP woven or non-woven shopping bags laminated with printed OPP films

Capacity: Max. 6 millions bags / month ( 72 millions bags/ year)Type: Woven và Non-wovenOPP film: Matt và Glossy/ShinyMarket:Europe (France, UK, Holland, Germany, Russia, etc): 80%USA: 20%Customers:Trader Joe’s , DisneyAldi UK, Aldi USAAuchan, KikCarrefour, Belle France, AholdLes Mousquetaires (Intermache),TescoCoop Italy
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Geotextlie Product

These products are made from PP woven fabric with UV treatment for using in Construction industry

Capacity : Max. 200 tons / month (about 10 containers/ month)Width of woven material : min. 3.6m (142 inches) – max. 5.4m (212 inches)Woven Material weight : min. 110gsm (3.3 oz) – max. 240gsm (7.1 oz)Market:Export (USA, Canada) : 95%Domestic : 5%

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Aquadam Product

These products are made from PP woven material with UV treatment & sewn as the Aquadam outsides for using in Flood control, water diversion, aqua barriers etc.

Capacity : Max. 200 tons / month or 1,500 units of sewn Aquadam outside / month (about 10 containers / month)Width of woven material : min. 3.6m (142 inches) – max. 5.4m (212 inches)Woven Material weight : min. 110gsm (3.3 oz) – max. 240gsm (7.1 oz)Market:Export (USA, Canada) : 100%
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PP Woven bags

This hàng hóa is made from tubular PP woven fabric for packing animal food, fertilizer, flour, rice etc.

Capacity: 770 tons / month (9,000,000 bags/month)Usage: For packing agriculture products(grains, sugar, salt, fertilizer, animal feed) Market:Domestic : 60%Export : 40%Customers: CP group, japan Viet nam giới Fertilizer Co., Greenfeed Group, Vic hai Phong, JAPFA Co. Etc.
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Leno bag

This is a kind of net bag that is made from PP material (circular weaving)

Capacity: Max. 30 tons / month (1,500,000 bags/month)Usage: for containing agricultural products (Carrot, potato, onion, garlic, firewood, etc)Market: European market (Norway, Finland) : 100%
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Water storage bag


The Water Storage Bag is for containing the fresh water for living và irrigation.

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The Water Storage Bag of Tan dẻo Hung Plastic Joint Stock Company is an application of environmentally-friendly giải pháp công nghệ solutions, produced under a National-level science và technology program, during the period of năm trước – 2019 with the name “Science & technology for sustainable development of the Southwestern region”.

The Water Storage Bag has 2 layers, manufactured according to lớn ASTM unique standards

The Water Storage Bag can adapt to many different installation conditions such as flat ground, pond, ditch etc. Depending on the conditions of each household, & the space is wide or narrow, the consumers can choose the bag kích thước accordingly.

The Water Storage Bag has the advantage of being lower cost than conventional water containers such as plastic or metal tanks, easy to lớn install, ensuring water chất lượng due to lớn storage in a closed condition, easy lớn transport, khổng lồ places lượt thích gardens, canals …

If stored well, the bag lasts from 8 to 10 years under direct outdoor exposure.

Currently the company is providing in the market all kinds of the Water Storage Bags size: 7m3 – 15m3 – 25m3.

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