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The pair had been together for a few years. Patrick Riviere/Getty Images

After almost a decade, the couple divorced. The pair had previously adopted two children, Connor and Isabella, who later joined the church of Scientology.

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Some believe this interview helped bring Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes together. Getty Images / Theo Wargo

"I used khổng lồ think that I was going khổng lồ marry Tom Cruise," Holmes told a reporter for Seventeen magazine, who later wrote about the interviewand its possible significance in a Huffington Post op-ed.

During this time, Katie Holmes was engaged to lớn actor Chris Klein.


They were together for five years. Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

According lớn People, Holmes and her then-fiancé Chris Klein ended their five-year relationship in 2005.


The pair also exchanged some PDA. Getty/Franco Origlia

A month after Holmes and Klein split, Holmes and Cruise make their first public appearance as a couple.

The two were photographed together in Rome where Cruise was receiving a David di Donatello Award for lifetime achievement. A source told People the pair had "been dating a couple of weeks."

He said he was in love with Holmes. Frank Micelotta/Getty

About a month after the two started dating, Cruise filmed one of his most well-known interviews ever. While on "Oprah,"he jumped on the set"s couchto gush about Holmes.

Cruise said, "I"m in love. I"m in love and it"s one of those things where you want lớn be cool, like, ‘Yeah I lượt thích her" … that"s not how I feel." He added, "I wanted to lớn meet this person và I met her and she"s extraordinary."

She said she felt like it was "really helping." Jemal Countess/Getty Images

At the "Batman Begins" premiere, Holmes told reporters that she was going to lớn convert khổng lồ Scientology.

In a separate interview with "W," she spoke a bitabout the process, saying, "You know, it"s really exciting. I just started auditing & I"m taking some courses & I really like it. I feel like it"s really helping."

Cruise proposed at the Eiffel Tower. Getty/Frederick M. Brown

A few months after theybegan dating, the two got engaged. Cruise said he proposed with a teardrop-shaped ring at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. He announced their engagement the next day at a press conference for "War of the Worlds."

At the conference, a fairly quiet Holmes said the two planned lớn have children.

It would be their first child together. Kevin Winter/Getty

A spokesperson for Cruise told People that Holmes was pregnant with the couple"s first child together và the couple was "very excited."

They named her Suri. Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

Cruise"s spokesperson announced that Holmes had given birth to lớn a baby girl named Suri who was seven pounds và 20 inches long.

Her name means "red rose." Elisabetta Villa/Getty

Cruise và Holmes showed Suri off khổng lồ the world on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. The couple also shared details about their daughter"s name.

"We had the name before we found out because we both thought the baby would be a girl," Cruise told Vanity Fair. Hesaid their daughter"s name meant "red rose."

Many A-list celebrities attended the wedding. MJ Kim/Getty

Holmes & Cruise sealed the giảm giá khuyến mãi with a very lavish wedding in the 15th-century Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano, Italy. Holmes wore a Giorgio Armani gown và the two had a "double ring" Scientology wedding, as per People"s report.

Some publications seemed concerned about the video. Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

According to lớn Gawker, aScientology indoctrination đoạn phim featuring Cruise had leaked & spread across truyền thông media outlets. The outlet described the clip as "scary."

He said, among other things, "When you"re a Scientologist, and you drive by an accident, you know you have to vì chưng something about it, because you know you"re the only one who can really help … We are the way to happiness. We can bring peace và unite cultures."

May 2010: Holmes put on a show for Cruise at a Hollywood benefit.

She performed a dance for him. Carlos Alvarez/Getty

During the benefit, Holmes performed a seductive dance khổng lồ the tuy vậy "Whatever Lola Wants" from the musical "Damn Yankees." She danced around her husband while he did some of his own moves.

September 2010: Holmes gushed about Cruise in an interview và talked about future children.

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She said being married to Cruise was "really fun." Christopher Polk / Getty Images

In an interview with Marie Claire, Holmes described being married to lớn Cruise as "really fun," saying, "It"s an amazing life, but we always remind ourselves of how incredibly lucky we are."

When asked about the possibility of having more kids, she said "maybe in a couple of years," adding that she really just wanted lớn focus on Suri at the moment.

May 2012: Cruise raved about Holmes in an interview with Playboy.

He had many nice things to say about her. Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

In a "Playboy" interview, Cruise called Holmes "an extraordinary person," saying "if you spent five minutes with her, you"d see it." He added, "I"m just happy, & I have been since the moment I met her. What we have is very special."

June 2012: Cruise promoted "Rock of Ages" without Holmes by his side.

Holmes did not attend the premiere. Getty Images / Kevin Winter

Many noticed when Holmes didn"t appear next khổng lồ her husband on the red carpet while he promoted his new film.

June 29, 2012: Holmes filed for divorce from Cruise.

Her team gave a statement khổng lồ People. ASSOCIATED PRESS

In June, Holmes" team made a statement to lớn People about how she was divorcing Cruise, who said he wasn"t expecting it at all.

Holmes" attorney said, "This is a personal và private matter for Katie and her family. Katie"s primary concern remains, as it always has been, her daughter"s best interest."

Cruise"s rep said, "Kate has filed for divorce và Tom is deeply saddened và is concentrating on his three children. Please allow them their privacy."

Holmes reportedly made calls about the divorce on a disposable cellphone và hired three law firms in three states, according lớn the Los Angeles Times.

July 11, 2012: Lawyers for Cruise and Holmes announced they had reached a settlement on custody of Suri.

Holmes received primary custody. Toby Canham/Getty

According to lớn People, lawyers reached a very quick settlement only 11 days after the divorce was filed.Holmes received primary custody of 6-year-old Suri và Cruise was granted visitation rights.

April 2013: Cruise admitted he had never expected the divorce.

He said that time in his life was like a "tragicomedy." AP

During an interview with German TV network ProSieben, Cruise said he didn"t expect Holmes to lớn divorce him.

He described that time of his life as a "tragicomedy," and said, "To be 50 và to have experiences và to think you have a grip on everything ... And then it hits you: This is it, what life can do to you.""s homepagefor more.

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