Manchester city 21

Puma just unveiled the outstanding new Manchester city 21-22 third kit alongside the new UCL goalkeeper shirts.

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Revolutionary Puma 21-22 Third Kits Leaked

Manchester city 21-22 Third Kit

This is the Manchester thành phố 2021-2022 third football shirt, made by Puma.
Based on the streamlined Puma 21-22 third jersey design, the Puma Manchester city 21-22 third shirt features the club name instead of the crest.
It boasts the lettering Man đô thị on the front, surrounded by two sky xanh lines. All other logos are white.
A subtle crest pattern is applied all over the shirt, whilst the badge also appears on the upper back just below the collar. In terms of color, the Puma Manchester city FC 2021-22 third shirt is officially colored "peacoat/white".

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The shorts are navy and the socks are navy with sky blue lines & the white thành phố text.

Manchester city 21-22 Champions League Goalkeeper trang chủ Kit

This picture shows the new Man city UCL goalkeeper home shirt.
Based on the same template, just without the jacquard print, the Man đô thị 21-22 Cup goalkeeper shirt is teal with black.

Manchester thành phố 21-22 Champions League Goalkeeper Away Kit

This is the Manchester thành phố 2021-22 goalkeeper away kit for the UEFA Champions League.
The away goalkeeper top is bright pink with trắng trim và logos.Man City"s new 21-22 third kit was launched on August 18th, 2021.Made by Puma. What vị you think about Manchester City"s new third jersey? Let us know in the comments below, and have a look at the 21-22 Kit Overview for all Premier League kit leaks.