Traction is one of the most polarizing parts of the Nike Vapor Zoom X. It really comes down khổng lồ what style of play a person has, & that will determine whether or not they like the changes made to the Vapor line.

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Overall, the traction is a little bit slicker than the previous options. For those who slide around, this can come in handy on all types of court surfaces. For those who want to have pinpoint stopping, they might find it to be a little frustrating not khổng lồ be able to have the same type of traction that has made the Vapor line so popular.

This is not to lớn say that the new Vapors are going khổng lồ make people slip around all the time, but it is something to keep in mind. The footing seems a little bit different right from the beginning, & shoes get slicker và slicker as time goes on as well. In the modern game, some players, even at the pro level, really lượt thích this type of phối up.

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The clay court soles are much more stable than the hard court options. They work well for both sliders and those who want khổng lồ make sharp, crisp changes in direction. Even if the shoe begins to collect a lot of clay & is not cleaned off, the traction is still solid.

Weight – 9.3/10

10.5 size=13.6 ounces

The Vapor line always shines as far as weight is concerned. Not only does it have the credentials to be one of the lightest shoes by weight out there, but they feel just as light on foot. The distribution of weight on the shoe makes this one of the fastest options for people who rely on speed.

One of the ways that shoes can really feel lightweight và performance-based is khổng lồ flex with a person’s foot during tennis play. It can be a little overwhelming when trying on new shoe, which is why so many people feel lượt thích they need to lớn play around with the shoe a bit khổng lồ get the feel they want.

The great news about the Vapor X is that they are ready lớn roll as they come out of the box. A good balance of lightweight & no break-in period makes this perfect for beginners, all the way to lớn pros.

Final Verdict


LightweightTractionVery comfortableExceptional tư vấn and stability (considering the weight of the shoe)Responsiveness



Players who enjoy a lightweight shoe overall will like what the Vapor X brings lớn the table. Not everyone is a tín đồ compared to lớn the Vapor 9 and the Vapor 9.5, but they are similar enough that it is worth trying out.

Just make sure that there is an understanding going in that it is a very good chance that these shoes will not last nearly as long as some of the more durable options out there. Players who are tough on shoes will likely not have the ability khổng lồ make these lastfor too long.

However, there is a reason why pretty much every other player on the ATP Tour plays with the Nike Air Zoom Vapor X, and it’s performance wise, the best tennis shoe out there right now.