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The electric Vinicius Junior scored twice as Real Madrid punished some nervous Liverpool defending lớn take control of their quarter-final


6 Apr 202117:07Sid Lowe’s match report has landed, so I’ll leave you with that. Thanks for your company and emails. Goodnight!

6 Apr 202117:02I won’t tell you the score in the City-Dortmund game, in case you plan to lớn watch it on delay. But if you bởi want to read all about it, click this.

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6 Apr 202116:58

The score is a fair reflection of an imperfect yet very entertaining game. Real were more composed, more controlled, more secure, và in Vinicius Junior they had the most electric player on the pitch. And though Liverpool were better in the second half, they paid a big price for some jittery defending. They’ve had too many glory nights at Anfield for anyone khổng lồ write them off, but Real are in a helluva position.

Updated at 17.00 EDT
6 Apr 202116:52

Full time: Real Madrid 3-1 Liverpool

Peep peep! It finishes 3-1 to lớn Madrid, just as it did in the 2018 final, but at least Liverpool get a second chance this time.

Updated at 16.53 EDT
6 Apr 202116:52

90+4 min Real break three on two, but Rodrygo’s pass is poor & Liverpool get away with it.

6 Apr 202116:50

90+3 min Real haven’t crossed the halfway line for about five minutes.

6 Apr 202116:50

90+2 min Salah makes a little bit of space in the D and hits a shot that is blocked by Eder Militao (I think).

6 Apr 202116:48

90+1 min Four minutes of added time.

6 Apr 202116:48

90 min “Liverpool have been poor today despite having Fabinho back in midfield,” says Yash Gupta. “But the bigger picture is when they face a team of passing midfielders (unlike Arsenal who were beyond pathetic even by their recent standards) their pressing goes awry và the main reason is their nonsense high line. Yes they may win the second leg but their high line looks far too dangerous for their own good.”

Updated at 16.48 EDT
6 Apr 202116:47

89 min Alexander-Arnold’s dangerous inswinging corner is bravely headed away by Eder Militao. He’d had an extremely good game.

6 Apr 202116:46

88 min Wijnaldum’s long-range shot is blocked. It’s all Liverpool now, with even Benzema behind the ball some of the time.

6 Apr 202116:46

87 min Felix Brych seems to lớn be on a mission to lớn remind the world that football is a liên hệ sport. It’s been a fascinating refereeing performance. I suspect Liverpool fans will use a different adjective.

6 Apr 202116:45

86 min A goal now for either side would mean so much. Mane goes over in the D after an excellent run. But for the umpteenth time tonight, Felix Brych isn’t interested.

6 Apr 202116:42

84 min A change for Real: Rodrygo replaces the superb Vinicius Junior.

6 Apr 202116:41

83 min Alexander-Arnold is booked for giving the assistant referee a mouthful.

6 Apr 202116:39

81 min A double change for Liverpool: Roberto Firmino và Xherdan Shaqiri replace Jota and Kabak. Fabinho has moved back into defence.

6 Apr 202116:39

80 min Real have their first extended spell of possession in the second half, a good way khổng lồ easte a couple of minutes. Eventually Valverde’s lobbed cross skims the head of the stretching Phillips, a vital cảm ứng that takes it away from Benzema.

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6 Apr 202116:35

77 min Lots of possession for Liverpool, who are desperate for a second goal. Thiago wafts over the bar from the edge of the D.

Updated at 16.35 EDT
6 Apr 202116:33

75 min Mind you, football has been so perverse this season that Liverpool will probably win the second leg 7-2.

6 Apr 202116:32

74 min An injury-hit Liverpool came back from 3-0 down against Barcelona a couple of years ago, though that was with supporters at Anfield. Given their recent home form, they could vị with at least one more goal tonight.

6 Apr 202116:30

72 min Vinicius Junior will get the headlines, and quite right too, but Benzema’s movement and liên kết play have been masterful. He is a quite brilliant allround No9.

Updated at 16.36 EDT
6 Apr 202116:30

71 min Vinicius Junior goes on another dangerous run infield before finding Benzema, whose low shot is comfortably saved to lớn his left by Alisson. At the other end, Jota heads wide from Salah’s cross.

6 Apr 202116:28

70 min A Real Madrid change: Fede Valverde replace Marco Asensio.

6 Apr 202116:26

69 min I can’t keep up with this. The second half has been wildly entertaining.

6 Apr 202116:26

68 min “Any news on why Keita was subbed so early by Klopp?” says Oliver Driesen. “An injury, surely?”

I’m not certain but I don’t think he was injured. The tactical change made perfect sense, but to vị it after 42 minutes – rather than 45, or even 35 – is unusual.

6 Apr 202116:25

66 min Dear me, it was almost 4-1 a moment ago. Vinicius Junior charged down the right and played an inviting ball into the area for Asensio, who tried to turn away from Alexander-Arnold và Alisson but slightly mistimed his touch.

6 Apr 202116:24

It’s another soft goal I’m afraid. Modric moved infield from the right & played a square pass to lớn Vinicius Junior, 15 yards out. He screwed a first-time shot that went through the legs of Phillips & then through the hands of Alisson, diving lớn his left. He probably saw it late, but having got hands on it Alisson will be pretty disappointed that he didn’t keep it out.

Updated at 16.31 EDT
6 Apr 202116:23

GOAL! Real Madrid 3-1 Liverpool (Vinicus Junior 65)

Real score from the throw-in!


Real Madrid’s Brazilian forward Vinicius Junior (C) scores his team’s third goal. Photograph: Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images

Vinicius Junior celebrates. Photograph: Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images
Updated at 16.41 EDT
6 Apr 202116:2264 min: Great defending by Alexander-Arnold! Real break two on one - two on one! - from the resulting corner. Asensio tries to lớn put Vinicius Junior through on goal, but his pass is too close lớn Alexander-Arnold and he knocks it out for a throw-in. Alexander-Arnold’s positioning was perfect.

Updated at 16.27 EDT
6 Apr 202116:21

63 min: Great defending from Mendy! Liverpool were so close to lớn an equaliser. Jota, in the inside-left channel, played a smooth one-two with Robertson and surged into the area. He decided not khổng lồ shoot và instead flicked the ball across the six-yard line towards Mane, who was about to lớn shoot when Mendy appeared on his blind side to clear. That was vital.

6 Apr 202116:20

61 min Kroos thrashes over from 18 yards. That was a fair chance for his player of his quality, even on his left foot. The opportunity came after a mistake from Thiago, who tried khổng lồ chest a cross down in his own area. Instead he gave it lớn Asensio, who rolled it back towards Kroos on the edge of the area.

6 Apr 202116:18

59 min Salah’s cross is taken off Mane’s head by Vazquez, a vital interception. The ball runs across the area lớn Robertson, whose cutback is blocked. There’s a desperation to Liverpool’s attacking play, which is making for great entertainment.

Updated at 16.18 EDT
6 Apr 202116:16

58 min Benzema slithers infield from the left, away from a couple of defenders, and rifles a shot that is well blocked by Phillips. This is really xuất hiện now.

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