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If you have been reading my blog or landed on my blog by Googling The Face siêu thị Review, you must have read my post where I Reviewed The Face shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Oil. It is one of the best và easiest makeup removing method & product I have ever tried. When I finished the mini version of cleansing oil, I decided khổng lồ go for a full-sized bottle of rice water bright cleansing oil. It is when I received The Face shop Rice Water Bright Mild Cleansing Water free with the Cleansing Oil.I tried The Face cửa hàng Rice Water Bright Mild Cleansing Water & I am all mix to tóm tắt my views or my experience with you. If you have been looking for a – “Review on The Face shop Mild Cleansing Water“, you are on the right page.Let us get into the details…

The Face shop Rice Water Bright Mild Cleansing Water


Price: Rs.1350/- for 500ml

Product Description

The Faceshop Rice Water Bright Mild Cleansing Water offers you supple and velvety-soft skin, thanks khổng lồ its ultra-moisturizing formula. The Faceshop Rice Water Bright cleansing line is enriched with rice water that contains vitamins A, B, & E, minerals, and ceramide to brighten and nourish dry skin. Its natural ingredients remove impurities while leaving skin soft, supple và tone.

Brightening skin cleansing formula with rice water extractsA mild cleansing water that suits normal khổng lồ sensitive skinCleanses, softens, smoothens & brightens skinContains main ingredients lượt thích Moringa oil, Rice water, và Soapwort

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Aqua/Water, Dipropylene Glycol, Peg-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Peg-7 Caprylic/Capric Glycerides, Coco-GlucosidePpg-26-Buteth-26, Peg-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, 1,2-Hexanediol, Methylparaben, Styrene/Acrylates CopolymerButylene Glycol, Oriza Sativa (Rice) Extract, Cetrimonium Chloride, Trisodium Edta, Parfum/Fragrance

How to lớn Use

Apply on the skin using hands or a cốt tông pad and massage with a circular motion. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Review –The Face siêu thị Rice Water Bright Mild Cleansing Water


My Skin Type- Combination khổng lồ Oily, Sensitive, and Acne-Prone SkinPackaging: It comes a hard plastic bottle which isn’t squeezable with a flip-flop cap having a nozzle khổng lồ control the flow of the product. The cap is tight enough to lớn carry while traveling. The bottle is transparent which is good because we can see how much the hàng hóa is left.




Fragrance: There is isn’t fragrance as such. Even though the rice water bright range has a grainy sort of fragrance but this product doesn’t have any noticeable fragrance as such.Also Read:The Face siêu thị Rice Water Bright Makeup Remover Review

My Experience


With the term “Mild Cleansing Water”, I somewhere related it with micellar water. Because it looks like a one. It is transparent lượt thích water with few bubbles floating on top.

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I took some amount on the cốt tông pad và started swiping it all over my face lượt thích we usually bởi with a makeup remover or micellar water. I was wearing an everyday kind of makeup that is, a BB Cream, a Cream Blush, Strobe Cream, Eyebrow Pencil và a Lipstick. Wow! There are a number of products lol! What I noticed was, it barely removed anything. It only faded my lipstick up to lớn a little & removed a bit of BB Cream.

When I read the term “mild” I thought it will be more like mild lớn skin but will effectively clean makeup or dirt.

Because it is a water form, it didn’t leave any sticky residue which is good.

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At this point, I was really confused as to what is the purpose of this product? It couldn’t remove makeup and couldn’t work as a regular micellar water as well. If it is so mild, why vì chưng we even, more precisely, for what purpose we need it?


If I am not wearing makeup, I can go ahead and directly wash my face with a face wash. Considering the possibility, If I do not want khổng lồ wash my face with water và face wash, I will go for micellar water with better cleansing properties.Or, in case, if I want to double cleanse my face, I would go for a cleanser & micellar water which will dissolve and remove the dirt và grime from the pores.

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Honestly, because I didn’t find any efficient use for the Rice Water Bright Mild Cleansing Water, it is laying there on my shelf. Because I am either reaching for makeup remover or regular micellar water.Coming to lớn if it is suitable for sensitive và acne-prone skin, then yes, it is. It didn’t cause my skin any irritation or breakouts.

Here is a little Swatch kiểm tra ofThe Face siêu thị Rice Water Bright Mild Cleansing Water

After 2-3 Wipes –


After So Many Multiple Wipes-



I didn’t find any efficient use of The Face shop Rice Water Bright Mild Cleansing Water. It is so mild that it couldn’t remove minimal makeup or evel dirt. I didn’t find any purposeful use of it. It didn’t lead to breakouts or leave any sticky residue behind which is good.

ProsNon-StickyDoesn’t reacts with SkinConsSo mild that it barely removed anythingI couldn’t find any efficient use of itCostly

So this was it for today. I hope you have enjoyed reading this.

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