Know more about Park Shin Hye doctors! Today, will show you guys a lot about this girl. Are you excited và expected? Get ready! 

Who doesn’t know about the beautiful actress Park Shin-hye? Obviously, most people out there know who she is và adore her! One of her best appearances was in the K-drama Doctors. People might imagine doctors khổng lồ be people who look stiff, humble, and neat. But, can you imagine how Park Shin-hye would look if she became a doctor? Channel Korea will give you the details of her appearance as a doctor, so stay tuned!

In Doctors, Park Shin-hye looked as beautiful as ever in her doctor’s white doctor’s coat và some of the doctors’ stuff, as well. Specifically, Park Shin-hye was cast as a surgeon in the drama. Would you lượt thích to know more about her appearance as a surgeon? Let’s find out together!

Through this article, has introduced you khổng lồ the beautiful Park Shin-hye as a surgeon in the K-drama Doctors!

Park Shin-hye as a Beautiful Doctor in the K-Drama Doctors


Park Shin-hye was cast as Yoo Hye-jung, a surgeon, in the series Doctors. Yoo Hye-jung was known to lớn be something of a rebellious student during her high school life, but she had a dream to be a doctor someday. It turns out that her dream came true. As a surgeon, she looked neat và chic with her trắng doctor’s coat. Not only that, but she also looked stylish with her daily outfits, as well!

Her style was simple, yet gorgeous in various ways, whether it was her everyday outfits, formal outfits, or dating outfits. People might admire her looks & want khổng lồ copy them! vì you want to know more about her style in Doctors? Let’s kiểm tra this out!

Here are some of the chic và stylish looks Park Shin-hye wore as doctor Yoo Hye-jung!


The ruffle accents on her blouse were pretty, yet simple at the same time!


This white lace shirt and the blue printed skirt were a perfect combination for a date outfit!

She looked, outstanding without even trying in this floral-patterned, navy blouse & dark pants!

You can never go wrong with stripes! We’re really fond of her striped skirt!

Another printed outfit, with the leaf detail & warm color. Yoo Hye-jung looked as gorgeous as ever!


A simple shirt and sling bag are good for every occasion!


Sporty looks from Yoo Hye-jung, with this varsity jacket paired with a drawstring bag!


Yoo Hye-jung looked cheerful & young with this light-blue denim jacket và black pants!

To be as chic as Yoo Hye-jung, get your own trắng blouse và printed skirt!

Another striped style, Yoo Hye-jung wore a blue, striped shirt which gave her a really fresh look.

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Park Shin-hye and Kim Rae-won’s romantic Moments in Doctors

After talking about Park Shin-hye’s beautiful appearance as a surgeon in Doctors, let’s move on khổng lồ her good chemistry with her co-star, Kim Rae-won! Park Shin-hye played Yoo Hye-jung, meanwhile, Kim Rae-won played Hong Ji-hong. Hong Ji-hong used to be one of Yoo Hye-jung’s teachers when she was in school. He was also her first love. When she was a student, she was something of a rebel, but she dreamed of being a doctor someday, to lớn prove that she could.

To make a long story short, they met again a few years later, when Yoo Hye-jung was already a doctor. They met accidentally & having the same occupation caused them lớn meet constantly. Since the setting has changed khổng lồ Yoo Hye-jung’s mature era, the romantic moments between them also changed, in a good way. As doctors, both of them were often placed in the same conditions and worked together well.

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It was easy for Yoo Hye-jung to lớn fall in love with her ex-teacher again since Hong Ji-hong was a gentleman who was always there every time she needed him. She’d loved him for a long time, and her hard work & development as a professional made the couple a much better match for each other, as well!

Their Scenes During Doctors

Here are some of Park Shin-hye and Kim Rae-won’s lãng mạn scenes during Doctors:


Their Off-screen Moments


Not only during Doctors, people also were in love with Park Shin-hye and Kim Rae-won’s chemistry outside the series! They became close while filming the show, so it’s no wonder they were seen sharing sweet moments behind the scenes, as well!

In one interview, Park Shin-hye and Kim Rae-won praised và admired each other. Kim Rae-won once revealed that it was always fun when he talked about filming Doctors with Park Shin-hye, he also mentioned that he might like to film an kích hoạt series with her, instead. Meanwhile, Park Shin-hye revealed that, while working with Kim Rae-won, she felt protected because of the sizable age difference between them. She also mentioned that the chemistry between them was strong, và praised the other actors và actresses in Doctors, who were very pleasant.

Let’s take a look at Park Shin-hye và Kim Rae-won moments outside Doctors, here:

Doctors‘ Behind The Scenes

Even behind the scenes, Park Shin-hye và Kim Rae-won were looking dễ thương together, right?


Doctors‘ Press Conference

The pair showed up together during the series press conference & looked gorgeous as ever!


Park Shin-hye & Kim Rae-won Interview

During interviews, they were opened up about their thoughts on each other, as well!


Well, that was all of the information about Park Shin-hye và her style in the drama Doctors, và also her great chemistry with co-star Kim Rae-won! It’s no wonder that people were in love with her appearance in Doctors since she not only looked beautiful but presented a character who was such a fresh, independent woman who had a successful areer as a surgeon. has introduced you Park Shin-hye, her style as a doctor, and her chemistry with Kim Rae-won. Don’t forget khổng lồ tell us your thoughts about her by kindly leaving a comment down below!

Know more about Park Shin Hye doctors! Don’t forget lớn catch up with the South Korean celebrity news with us every day!

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