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Detail program:

07h00-07h30: We pick you up at your hotel, departure for Bai Dinh – Trang An, enjoying the beautiful sceneries of the rural areas on the way.

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10h00: Arrival Bai Dinh Pagoda, the guide takes you to visit Bai Dinh Pagoda – the biggest pagoda in Vietnam with 500 La Han statues, biggest pagoda in Vietnam with 500 La Han statues, biggest bronze Buddha statue in Vietnam with 10 meters in height, 100 tons in weight. You will visit Bai Dinh pagoda.

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12h00: Have lunch in local restaurant with some local special dishes such as goat meat with elderberry, pork storage vessel before we visit Trang An.

14h00: Depart khổng lồ visit Trang An Eco-Tourism attraction, there is beautiful scenery landscape, you will boarding a small boat to visit Trang An, you will see majestic limestone cliffs và mysterious yet inviting caves, as well as countryside sights, lượt thích peaceful streams, rice paddies and deserted green fields. Take boat trip to lớn visit cave complex: sang trọng Cave, Toi Cave, ba Giot Cave, Nau Ruou in mystery và wildness, see scenery of mountain & rivers Ha Long on land of Ninh Binh.

17h00: Getting on the car back to lớn Ha Noi. Tour finish at Hanoi around 19h30. Tour ends. The guide says good bye and see you again!


Type of TourismFrom 1 → 4 People≥ 5 PeopleNote
Standard Tour750.000đ700.000đ-I ncluded Electric car– Bus 29/35 seats
Deluxe Tour850.000đ800.000đ– Included Electric car– Limousine bus

♦ Included:– Transportation with A/C– English speaking guide– Lunch– Electric oto in Bai Dinh ( 60.000đ/ 2 ways/ pax )– Boat ticket in Trang An (250.000đ/ pax)– Entrance fees♦ Excluded:– Tax invoice– Drink– Visa– Insurance– Personal expenses, tips & gratuities– Tip for guide và driver

♦ What lớn bring:– Appropriate clothing for the season– A hat và sunscreen– Comfortable clothing và footwear for walking– Sense of fun and adventure 

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