OhYe Couple’s Last Episode: Oh Min-suk và Kang Ye-won’s Final Goodbye

Oh Min-suk và Kang Ye-won confirmed joining Season 4 of the MBC virtual marriage program We Got Married back in June 2015. The two met for the first time in Jeju Island on their first shooting, replacing the previous couples that had left the show— tuy vậy Jae-rim và Kim So-eun, also Henry và Ye Won. If there was ever a couple that seemed khổng lồ be deeply in love in the show, it is undoubtedly the OhYe couple! Their virtual marriage, in the reality show, seems lớn have brought them closer, and they garnered a lot of viewers’ attention because of it. What happened in their last moments together in the show? và did they really go to Hawaii? Keep on reading!

The Ending Story of the OhYe Couple: Did They Really Go khổng lồ Hawaii?


OhYe Couple’s Last Episode

Even though their chemistry was undeniable, the couple decided to kết thúc their 9-month virtual marriage on Saturday, February 27th, 2016. In their last episode, the couple drove around and filmed their day by themselves. They revealed they didn’t want the camera crew around because they wanted khổng lồ spend time alone. They also went to MBC studio khổng lồ watch some of their old episodes together.

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And at the last minutes of their last episode, the two who have received a lot of love for their mature and frank romance, couldn’t hold back the tears when they had their own private interview. They felt grateful và complimented each other. While most couples separate after the reality show ends, Min Suk seemed hopeful of their future— hoping that they would keep in liên hệ and meet again someday.

Did They Really Go lớn Hawaii?

Their last filming took place on February 18th. After their tearful goodbye in the private interviews, the staff then surprised both of them with tickets lớn Hawaii, which they had planned lớn go to lớn for their honeymoon. The staff said that they could use their tickets whenever they have time in the next 100 days, but they had khổng lồ go together for the offer khổng lồ be valid.

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After all the shooting was finished, there was a picture of Oh Min-suk and Kang Ye-won discussing tickets for Hawaii at the các buổi party with the photography staff. Whether going khổng lồ Hawaii or not was up to them, however later it was revealed that unfortunately, the couple couldn’t go there. It is said that Kang Ye-won was able lớn go there, but Oh Min-suk had to decline the offer because of a schedule conflict.

Well, thinking of the whole idea that the staff gave them flight tickets in their final episode, it means that the production of WGM saw OhYe as a special couple. Of course, it would be great if they could go to lớn Hawaii together, but we also can’t deny that they were paired up for a business relationship at the first place.

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